Built for Event Planners

Be the fastest you can be throughout your event.

The new Qrowd platform gives you a huge boost in productivity. It has you covered before, during, and after your event — from the registration form to the attendee feedback report.

Qrowd includes all the tools you need in one place so you don't have to jump back and forth between multiple products. It even generates the badges for you — a huge time saver.

Plus exhibitors and attendees love it too. It is easy to use and there is no app to download, just a simple badge scan and they are good to go.

One platform, seamlessly integrated.

Say goodbye to using multiple software products and databases. On Qrowd, it's easy to find, manage, and do just about everything in one place. You can email your registry with a simple click. The search lets you find an attendee in a snap. The badge queue automatically keeps track of what you need to print next. A full suite of tools working together so you can get stuff done.

  • Add custom fields to your registration form
  • Import contact and marketing lists
  • Manage pre-registrations
  • Send email blasts
  • Provide multi-track schedules
  • Access real-time sales tracking
  • Receive registrant check-ins
  • Print badges with personalized QR codes
  • Monitor real-time attendance activity
  • Facilitate session Q&As
  • Collect feedback with session evaluations
  • Validate continuing education credits
  • Generate Certificates of Participation
  • Message attendees instantly

Streamlined for Exhibitors

We know exhibitors are valued guests. That's why we built the platform with sponsorship instruments in mind. Exhibitors can survey attendees directly and collect leads from potential customers. They can explore their data with beautiful graphs or download the numbers to integrate with their spreadsheets. Out of the box, no extra fees.

  • Gather leads with attendee badges
  • Build unlimited surveys with custom questions and fields
  • Export complete data sets
  • Bring data to life with web-based graphs

Designed for Attendees

If technology is helpful, attendees will use it. Our platform is designed to be quick, easy, and to the point. We get them to their sessions, help them fly through check-ins, and give them access to presentation resources. This means shorter lines at the registration booth and less work for the staff. And we do it all without requiring attendees to download, install, or log in to an app.

  • Register or check in quickly
  • Access schedule, materials, and documents
  • Submit questions to speakers
  • Answer exhibitor surveys
  • Complete session evaluations
  • Read event announcements
  • Chat in the live event stream
  • Exchange contact information

One badge, many uses.

The Qrowd badge is more than a name tag — it is a powerful passport into your set of tools. Scan as an attendee and you can see your schedule. Scan as staff, and you get to apply attendance. Scan as an exhibitor, and your sponsorship instruments open up. Each scan unveils a set of features tailored just for you.

And if you're wondering why we spell crowd with a Q, the answer is in the QR code. By using the ubiquitous QR code in the badge, we make sure that everyone with a smartphone has access to their passport. No app to download, no devices to rent. Learn more

Simple. Powerful. Easy.

Qrowd was designed and developed by user experience experts. The entire platform uses universal technologies and user-friendly concepts.

Up and Running in Just Minutes

Setting up a Qrowd event takes only minutes, even for complex events with elaborate registrations.

No Downloads or Special Equipment

Qrowd uses QR codes to access its features. Most smartphones can read QR codes without additional downloads.

Works on All Smartphones, Today's and Tomorrow's

Qrowd works on Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry. It uses web-based HTML5 technology so it is universally available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Qrowd be a good fit for my event?

We know events get complicated, so we built a flexible platform that is clever enough to accommodate an astounding variety of scenarios. We want you to feel free to jump in and start planning with the confidence that any future changes can be accommodated.

However, we also know that every event has the potential to become a different kind of monster overnight. If you think Qrowd can no longer handle your event, give us a call. Chances are we can figure out a solution or build a new feature to fit your needs.

What's a QR code?

A Quick Response or QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode readable by QR scanners, smartphones and digital devices with cameras.

What kind of phone do I need?

The Qrowd mobile app works with smartphones that include a camera — Android, Apple (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad), Blackberry, Windows and more.

Do we need to purchase or rent any special equipment?

No. The entire Qrowd platform relies on technology you already own:

  • Computers to create and manage your event
  • Standard printers to print Qrowd badges
  • Smartphones, of all makes and models for all badge scanning capabilities

Do attendees need to download or install an app?

Attendees do not need to download an app. However, they will need a QR reader. Many of your attendees will already have one, but those who don't may need to download a QR scanner. We recommend finding one in the App Store or Google Play.

Does Qrowd require an Internet connection at the event?

A cellular or Wi-Fi Internet connection is required for some features of the Qrowd platform. However, the platform includes a number of offline solutions to ensure that your event moves along smoothly even without Internet access (e.g., printable sign-in sheets).

Start Building Your Qrowd

Want to see how Qrowd works? We're providing invites for beta users to select organizations, particularly associations, foundations, advocacy groups, and other non-profits in the Washington Metro area. Send us a note about your organization to see if Qrowd is a good fit for you.